Difference Between The Solar Panel Heaters And Solar Water Heaters:

Solar energy has become the most powerful renewable source of energy due to its countless benefits. This is the most eco friendly mode of energy which never emits the greenhouse gases or creates pollution in the environment. Pollution has become the biggest concern of the world leading countries because it directly effecting the climate of the world. Climate change actually effects the lives of the animals, human and trees because glaciers are started melting due to unusual changes in weather. Most of the customers now prefer the solar panel heaters or solar hot water to reduce their cost and pollution that might be generated by the burning of fossil fuels. Although, both of these systems can’t work without the sun rays and they mounted on the roof top of the house or building where they can easily absorb the sun rays and generate energy.

Both of them absorb the electricity but they are entirely different products. We will discuss the functioning of the both heaters to give clarity. Solar panel heaters are basically exploit the photovoltaic effects by absorbing the sun light that eventually extract the electrons which are basically electricity that has been produced by the sunlight. This electricity will start the heater. Solar panel systems give the big relief on the utility bills and reduce the overall expenditure of the electricity. Solar water systems don’t produce electricity as they use the sun rays and produce heat only. Solar water systems have made up of pipes having a solution which converts the solar energy in to heat that ultimately stored into water tankers. Both technologies have been using for different purposes. Solar water heaters mostly used to keep the swimming pool warm for the longer period of time.

Benefits of using solar panel heaters:

The core advantage of using the solar panel heater is that it works on the renewable source of energy which reduce the major expense of utility bills. Solar panel heaters are considered as the environment friendly as well because they don’t emit any harmful greenhouse gases which effect the environment. Solar panel heaters are comparatively efficient because they almost utilise the 80 percent sun rays. Solar water heating panels are cheaper than the solar PV panels. Usage of solar panels will reduce the fuel cost on existing gas heating systems. Moreover, if you are producing the excessive amount of electricity through your solar panel systems then you can sell them to the local electricity producers as well. We are selling the best quality solar panel heaters in affordable prices.